Viabrand's vibrant brand identity: a fusion of tradition and modernity, paving the way for a refreshed and visionary future.

We’ve given Viabrand® a makeover. Since our inception, our mission has been to support business teams in growing their brands. Our philosophy is in moving brands by bringing inspiration, impact, influence and better experiences to the brands of our clients. Moving forward and leading the way. Moving ideas, beyond imagination. Moving methods, using in-depth insights. Moving emotions. Moving perceptions. Moving results to be ground-breaking. Moving brands to leave a legacy. Because great brands don’t remain stagnant they adapt, respond, deliver and move.

8 years and 100s of brands later, we’ve become a leading branding agency with a diverse portfolio of brands we impact. 

To better reflect our growth, communicate our differentiation, and help inspire our clients in an ever-changing world, it was time for a refresh. It was time to take our own advice. 

This is our rebrand story. 


The Impact of brand

A brand is more than a logo but most people understand that these days. A new logo or colour palette is just one tactical element of your entire brand experience. A brand is a business’ ability to tell its story, based on their business strategy. A well considered brand influences perception, reputation and ultimately value. We believe brand influences and reflects everything from operations to sales to company culture. Our brand refresh was an opportunity to further align our values with team members, clients and operations.

The Decision to Rebrand Viabrand®

We review our brand every year, looking at the competitive landscape, our strengths, weaknesses and ultimately what makes us different. This measures and guides where we focus our strategy in the marketplace

“Our client project results were having a greater impact on their overall business, moving far beyond visual identity and communications. We saw an opportunity to better communicate our offering and the value we deliver to our clients by realigning our brand and how we represent the breadth of expertise and impact of Viabrand®,” Jho Alzamora, Viabrand® Founder.

We analysed this shift and decided to undertake a brand refresh. This allowed us:

  • To better communicate our offerings and the impact we have on our clients
  • To address the growing importance of research and data science in our process
  • To further develop a bold brand and voice that cuts through the noise in our industry
  • To strengthen the things that worked well in the marketplace and focus on enhancing these unique brand elements

“In our case, we needed to make some crucial decisions about who we wanted to serve  and what value we offered them. There was room to improve the way we presented ourselves  and to better communicate the value that we deliver to our  clients. We needed to bring that to life.” Amber Gollagher, Brand Delivery Manager.

As a branding and marketing agency, we help businesses express their brand in the marketplace and ensure they are positioned strongly, so that they may  positively influence customers’ perception. This allows them to move and grow. 

Leading into the  end of a year, it was a perfect opportunity to roll-out our refreshed brand and further stress-test our own framework. 


The momentum of refining what you stand for

A vital part of rebranding for success is found in the method used to deliver the solution to clients and internal business teams. Working as a collective network of clients and collaborators, aided the rebranding process by utilising the best minds in creativity, commercial thinking and business acumen to clarify our efforts and direction.

As Viabrand® is re-released to market, we feel the importance of this milestone. The agency team is filled with renewed energy, purpose and excitement for future possibilities. 

“We are inspired with our achievements as a business and are excited to see the refined brand out in the marketplace. We wanted to build on Viabrand®’s strong brand reputation in delivering well considered, commercial brands. It is a pleasure to see our brand evolving with the demands of today’s marketplace. Working on our own brand experience, products and services is yet another milestone towards continuing to solidify our brand position as a leading service, across Australia and beyond” Jho.

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