Opticomm Networks

Rebranding the broadband of the future

A solution provider

Opticomm won the bronze award at the Indigo Design Awards 2023.


Opticomm is one of the largest independent providers of fibre-based access networks in the country, offering a better way for Australians to connect. Their leading edge technology takes an innovative approach to ensure their solutions work today, tomorrow and for decades to come.

Driven by a commitment to building top-tier fiber networks and connectivity solutions, Opticomm recognised the importance of raising public awareness. To ensure a clear and impactful market approach, they sought the expertise of Viabrand®. Given our existing strong relationship with Opticomm, we swiftly grasped the intricacies of their industry, facilitating a seamless understanding of their needs.

Refining their brand strategy

Workshops with stakeholders revealed that Opticomm is valued for their future-thinking technology and for their commitment to ensuring Australians have greater control and choice over their connectivity. However, Opticomm needed a purpose that went beyond innovative services and was inspired by the fundamental impact they want to make in the world. 

Viabrand® launched a process to refine Opticomm’s brand strategy. Their mission was to build a world class network service that challenges the status quo with their future-focused technologies, solutions and infrastructure. 

The rebranding of Opticomm began with a new brand promise: the powerful idea of ‘Built on Better™’. The promise reflects Opticomm’s goals and capability to improve lives for years to come. 

Connecting with the market

The next step was to develop a brand identity that positioned Opticomm to stand out from the crowd. Our team designed a brand mark that incorporates the concepts embedded in their industry: spaces, connectivity and universal reach. The ring-shaped combination of dots is designed to embody a feeling that is both engineered and yet human. 

The final result was a clear brand mark that encapsulates Opticomm’s core personality and competitively positions them in a national market. 

Networking with consumers

Our focus was on a long-term strategic shift. As we developed the voice for Opticomm, we embodied the future value of their services. The newly introduced communication framework was embedded into all aspects of the organisation. The result reflects their mission to help Australians connect for decades to come.

The approach to their new positioning was further supported through a collection of functional brand assets. The design approach was refined to include audience appropriate visual language, contrasting colour palettes and functional typography that is easy to read. 

From stationery tools to marketing materials, we leveraged the value in Opticomm to exhibit their rebrand. With the design and implementation of consistent brand assets, the company was ready to reconnect with consumers.

A server for change

Future-proofing the Opticomm brand was transmitted through to their website. A combination of quality copywriting, creative design and seamless web development ensured their core values would not go unnoticed. Their website was designed to educate clients on their services and to encourage consumer interaction through clear call-to-actions. 

With a well-defined brand presence, visitors are now able to better connect with the brand through various levels of interaction. These include reading helpful information, connecting with the service, or learning more about their industry experience. The result was a simple, robust and functional website that aligns across all company touch points to enhance the user experience.

The platform for a better future

With an enhanced brand positioning, consumers are able to better connect with Opticomm. By instilling a greater sense of freedom and choice, we created a more compelling story and visual branding for consumers to engage with. The results positioned Opticomm as a future-focused tech brand in a progressive industry, helping them to create Australia’s fastest access network and allowing them to help Australians connect better today and tomorrow.

What They Say

We approached the Viabrand® team to help us strategically refresh the Opticomm brand. We needed to balance the creation of a contemporary brand while staying true to our core. Viabrand® understood our organisation and what we are about. They supported the creation of a brand identity, narrative and architecture that captured who we are, what we stand for, and what we offer. The team was patient, supportive, and responsive.

Tamika - (Opticomm)