Award-winning rebrand project

Differentiating through branding

Embient won the gold award at the International Visual Identity Awards 2021.

Australian smart technology provider of AV, automation, and security solutions, Embient, began life as Smart AV.

Delivering quality technology solutions and installations, the company initially achieved success through word-of-mouth referrals and trustworthy partnerships.

However, to reach the next level of growth and success, the brand needed to clearly articulate its unique selling proposition (USP) to connect with customers and differentiate itself from competitors.

Standing out from competitors

Without having established any digital marketing channels, the business was limited in how it could communicate with customers and showcase client projects and achievements.

The business needed a way to connect and build trust with multiple customer types in different industry segments, including homeowners, businesses, builders and developers.

Keeping their original brand name, Smart AV, would also be a risk, as a number of national and global competitors used the same name.

Establishing a strong brand identity and credibility would enable the business to achieve this goal, stand out from competitors and give their customers the confidence to invest in large-scale projects.

A rebrand for new opportunities

With these commercial challenges and business growth goals in mind, Viabrand recommended the business undertake a rebrand.  

This critical step was necessary to provide the business with the clarity it needed to move forward. Viabrand conducted in-depth research to analyse market competitors, accurately determine target customers and identify new opportunities.

These robust market insights gave our team the foundational knowledge to provide a brand strategy, identity and solid communication framework.

A strong foundation for Embient

Viabrand delivered a brand strategy, which included a new visual identity, brand story, messaging and brand marketing assets.

The business became Embient; a name melding “electronic” and “immersive”, representing a holistic sight and sound experience. This well-considered, strategy-driven name change was a true reflection of the business, enabling it to stand out in the marketplace, create a lasting presence and establish a strong foundation for future growth.

Viabrands professional designers, web developers and copywriters delivered new brand assets, including an attractive website strategically optimised with SEO features, logo, capabilities statement and more. This laid the groundwork for the business to thrive and effectively reach its target customers.


Happy Client

Initially, we didn’t want to rebrand. After talking to Viabrand, however, we knew it was a strategic commercial decision that would grow our business to the next level. In a competitive industry, we needed a way to strongly position ourselves to capture new customers.

We were completely blown away and loved our new brand the moment we saw it! This gave us the clarity and professional brand identity we needed to move forward with confidence as a business. Viabrand’s process, knowledge, skills and support are second to none. We look forward to our ongoing partnership.

Chris - (Emmersive )