Vilapass Start Up Brand

Global Citizenship

Vilapass is a brand new business in Vanuatu that offers citizenship by investment services.

The company assists people who want to apply for Vanuatu citizenship with: completing paperwork, preparing and qualifying for citizenship, setting up a bank account and organising a passport. The business aims to simplify and expedite the process for time poor individuals and their families.

While the client was visiting Brisbane, Viabrand conducted a thorough brand discovery session with him in our offices.

After this, we ran extensive research into the competitors, the industry as a whole, potential customers and relevant statistical data. We defined the brand personality that would best appeal to the target market while conveying the core truth of the business. We established a brand strategy to define naming, language and messaging for the brand. The design team created concepts for logos from a few of our preferred names.

Design elements, colours, photo styles and language were combined across brand collateral.

Strategies for marketing the brand, including a prospectus document were built to aid the brand sales systems. We pitched the final concepts to the Vanuatu based client over Skype, as we do with anyone we work with outside of Brisbane. He was able to select his favourite of our concepts to launch his new brand, without having to travel to Brisbane.

Happy Client

“Looks terrific and I’m very happy with that. You really have some incredible talent within your small team. I’m so pleased I found you and didn’t look elsewhere.”

Campbell Vilapass