Racecourse Road Dental

Luxury branding for a dental practice like no other

Brisbane has plenty of dentists, but few offer the sophistication, luxury and attention to detail of Racecourse Road Dental (RRD).

The founders instinctively knew that branding would play a vital role in the launch of their new clinic and, before work on the practice had even begun, we were approached to deliver the brand identity.

Community, heritage and service are the core values of RRD and these were translated into an identity that sets RRD apart in a highly competitive market.

From the landing page through to the tagline, brand voice and collateral, every element of the brand identity was inspired by luxury, style and the tradition of the Ascot community.

Happy Client

“I must say A+ to the Viabrand team. WOW is what I feel towards the business logo, the colours and the messages are wonderful. We truly communicate professionally and will no doubt attract our target market.”

Ingrid Racecourse Road Dental