Pacific Food

Pacific Food Brands: Rename and rebrand

Repositioning a food favourite

Their products can currently be purchased in the Australian market under a variety of names and labels, including their own brand, Orchid.

Pacific Food Brands identified an opportunity to launch their own range of condiment sauces, simmer sauces and pasta stir through into the New Zealand market. Once established in New Zealand, the business plan would be to extend into Australia and then beyond into the Asia-Pacific market.

The business required a complete set of brand materials for the product launch.

The existing brand – Orchid – was perceived as coming from Asia and therefore not being made for western palates. The first priority was to develop a name that would appeal to all of the proposed markets. The goal was to reflect the quality, taste and freshness of the products in naming and messaging.

The three sub brands needed their own unique aspects to product labelling while still fitting in with the overarching brand. Pacific Food Brands also wanted to ensure all aspects of the brand were effective at cutting through to consumers.

Viabrand conducted discovery sessions with the client and began researching all aspects of the marketplace.

Our team reviewed labelling and marketing strategies of all major competitor brands. We also researched the consumers, market landscape and opportunities. The data and insights we gathered informed our strategic decisions regarding naming, messaging and image.

We created a large list of name options, narrowed them down to the ones available for trademark and presented the top choices to the client for consideration. Labelling and marketing messaging, including brand promise was developed. Logo options were designed, as were product labels for the three styles of product: condiment sauces, simmer sauces and pasta stir
through sauces.

The set of branding and marketing materials provided the client with a consistent and professional look for their products and communications.