Qubit Technologies

Branding a Brisbane tech start-up

An identity capturing logo

Qubit Technologies is a newly established technology start-up company, based in Brisbane Australia. The founders Paul and Tass focus on improving user experiences and the application of AI and Machine Learning.

Qubit Technologies reached out to Viabrand to create a brand identity logo. The design was reflective of the scientific definition of a Qubit, which is a quantum bit. Quantum bits are the counterpart in quantum computing to the binary digit or bit of classical computing. The name ‘Qubit’ came as an inspiration from this and so too did the logo design.

We were inspired by the structure of the Qubit sphere and created a logo that was modern and relative to the Qubit Technologies brand.

We enhanced this by using colours that could visually communicate their identity and technology field. We did not want to distract from the logo design, so we matched it with a simple yet sophisticated typography. Overall, the client was happy with this outcome and launched successfully with their new brand identity.