Besco Batteries

Brand identity and assets for new product launch

Luxe product label design

Besco is an upcoming bespoke brand that delivers superior-quality batteries.

Besco needed a full brand identity and brand assets to support the product range launch. This included: logo design, brand guidelines, battery labels and printed sales and marketing materials. Viabrand was up for the challenge and liaised with the client to produce the best outcome.

Besco wanted to stand out from the other battery brands on the market, however they didn’t want to look so unfamiliar that customers didn’t recognise them as a battery brand. They wanted a labelling system that would make it easy for customers to quickly identify the correct choice in store. Each label had to appear similar in design, but different enough to stand out as individual categories.

Our approach offered the brand a more luxe look than others on the market. The result was a log and brand material that highlighted the quality and value of their specialised products. The brand look consisted of deep, rich colours, matched with simple and sophisticated design elements.

The biggest part to this project was producing multiple and unique battery labels.

Each battery was categorised with a specific colour and pattern, for example, we distinguished the ‘Ultimate 4×4 and SUV’ category with a bold orange colour and a sophisticated background pattern. This labelling system made simple for the customer to quickly identify which battery they needed through colour and image association.

The iconography was a major aspect of the brand rollout.

We designed the icons to match their descriptors, while giving them a unique look by adding the appearance of movement. The purpose of the icons was to visually detail the specifications on the battery labels, e.g. power, performance, and maintenance-free. Other print assets, including product brochures and signage for stores and gas stations were also developed. The client was happy with our overall approach, design and communication, which we strive to offer every one of our clients.