Alpha Vital

A vital rebrand for Alpha group and brands

Alpha Vital (formally known as Alpha First Aid) is Australia’s largest supplier of health, safety and fitness products.

We carried out a brand exercise that capitalised on equity already established by the Alpha name, and designed a structure that was simplified and focused communications for years to come.

A major part of this structure was consolidating all business under one master brand name, maintaining the ‘Alpha’ and finding a word to add to make the parent brand name. The master brand name, Alpha Vital, ensured the business was strategically targeted to appeal to clients.

The next step was to produce a brand strategy document that outlined the brand story, goals, personality, values, competitors, marketplace, and customers. The strategy included language, messaging, mediums and images that ensured the brand was on track for all communications.

After approval, this was evolved into a brand application guideline that could be shared with the internal team and external producers of brand marketing and advertising pieces to ensure consistency in communications, outlining visual and messaging applications.

Once the brand application guideline was complete, it cemented the foundation for the brand assets and marketing material.

We ensured these pieces followed the brand guidelines, which guaranteed effective communication and brand awareness for the business. The brand assets and marketing material included business cards, a corporate brochure, ‘distributed by’ credentials, and eDMs.

Happy Client

“Moving into a new decade, we felt it was time for a new look and feel and to re-brand into a company structure that reflects where our business is currently at. I don’t know how we found Viabrand, but thankfully we did. Off the back of a fantastic discovery session, Viabrand presented fresh ideas with amazing visuals which will give customers, a positive first impression along with a better understanding of who we are and what we do. We now have a solid brand structure and guidelines to work from into the future.”

Cameron Alpha Vital