Madison Group Enterprises

Creating a well-connected experience

Madison Group Enterprises has delivered cabling and connectivity products and services to Australian commercial and industrial clients since 1991.

The Madison Group Enterprises’ team offers practical advice and unparalleled support alongside their extensive range of high quality, reliable products.

As Madison Group Enterprises prepared for another growth chapter in their businesses, refreshing their brand assets and streamlining their marketing materials naturally emerged as priorities.

Viabrand was challenged to thoughtfully re-energise a brand without compromising the company’s existing brand equity or recognition. It was particularly important that this new look and language be flexible enough to work across any marketing or advertising medium. The final challenge was to deliver this demanding re-fresh project in incredibly short timeframes.

The Viabrand design team created fresh and original concepts for a new visual brand framework.

Clean, sleek and functional, these styles were developed to connect with and enhance strategically targeted set of messages. To make the transition to the new style effortlessly consistent for Madison Group Enterprises, Viabrand supplied clearly defined rules and applications standards that encompassed all new design elements.

Our specialist team also designed and developed a brand-new website using our ‘BaseTM Website Framework’. We created a robust, accessible, and highly functional web system for five company sub-brands. The result was a unified visual system that was well managed and aesthetically aligned across the company’s diverse touchpoints.

All that was left to do was to support the Madison Group Enterprises’ in-house teams as they rolled out the rebrand, providing document templates and completing minor asset updates as required to streamline their progress. We also developed print and digital assets to support the sales team, including a corporate brochure and PowerPoint presentation.

Our team are experts at walking the fine lines between existing brand equity, innovative ideas, and element enhancements. Ultimately, Viabrand strives to bring the latest industry practices, modernist concepts and professionalism to every element of your brand.

We relished the opportunity to demonstrate our strategic and design expertise to deliver brand assets that look unique and cohesive, while enhancing brand consistency across communications. Viabrand managed this complex and multifaceted project – including all design, development, copywriting, and photography – and delivered all works within budget and tight timeframes.