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A Refreshed Strategy and Image for Viabrand

They say it’s important to practice what you preach, so entering our fourth year in business, it was time for Viabrand to refreshed strategy our own branding. As the business grew and our target markets became more clearly defined, it became apparent we needed an update to improve the focus of our branding, marketing and advertising efforts.

The aim was to target communications to three main demographics: Start-ups and SMEs, Sales and Marketing Teams, and Property Developers. It was important for us to ensure content flow and delivery, especially on the website, made it easy for each market to easily find out what we can do for them. We also wanted to make useful, free resources available for each demographic to add value and demonstrate our expertise. Our service offerings were more clearly defined and categorised. Categories became: Strategy, Design, Digital, and Print; further aiding targeting and making it easy for users to find what they want at a glance.

Language tone was tweaked to be more direct and down to earth while also using appropriate keywords and phrases for vital SEO. The website redesign became more targeted and we increased the frequency and urgency of all calls to action. We developed a specific style for case studies, resources, and insights delivery. The website site map was simplified, with some information being merged from four pages to one and drastic cuts to any redundant language.

Iconography remained consistent with the existing branding, while the logo and brand promise was updated. We were also able to trademark our new brand promise to protect brand equity now and into the future. The team improved the consistency of design colours, fonts, and layouts for all communications. The process involved simplifying and modernising the existing logo, typeface, and colour scheme.

A professional photographer was brought into the office to shoot a consistent and high-end series of team photographs. In order to prepare for this, we created a mood board to inspire the photo style and a list of the shots we wanted to get so we didn’t miss anything on the photoshoot day.

Producing this brand refresh involved: creating a refreshed strategy, trademark-able brand promise; complete website rewrite and redesign; and consistent, memorable visual messaging including visual icons and logo update. Viabrand also developed templates for commonly created documents, a style guide for typography, colours, keywords, and photography. Completing the marketing suite is a new and improved presentation format, business card design, and email signature.

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