A cell phone on a green background. A landing page captures visitor information, commonly used in online advertising.

Ever heard the term thrown around and not known exactly what it means? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Thankfully, we are experts on all things landing pages and are here to help.

In essence, a landing page is exactly what the name suggests. A standalone web page that visitors ‘land’ on in response to clicking on a search result, marketing promotion, email or ad. Often, they are referred to as lead capture pages as, in exchange for the information you are offering, visitors provide personal information that you can then use in your sales pipeline.

A well-optimised landing page will allow you to take the prospects you attract to your website and convert them into leads. They are one of the most effective inbound marketing strategies for any business in the digital age.

Put yourself in your audiences’ shoes.

You’re a young entrepreneur building a business to sell your fresh, innovative product. But first, you need a brand, so you go in search of information to do so. You land on a page that says it will give you an e-book with all the information you need. You enter your name and contact details and away you go.

On the other end, the business you downloaded the information from are notified about a new download of their brand building e-book. To them, this is a goldmine as they know you are most likely building a brand, which happens to be exactly what they specialise in. In a matter of seconds, they have a new prospect to try and get business out of.

So, now you know how a landing page can be used, but how do you make the BEST use of them? It’s all about the structure.

Ways that you can capture information can come from branded content and or experiences, such as:

  • eBooks
  • Whitepapers
  • Email Newsletter Subscription
  • Event Registration
  • Online Course Enrolment
  • Free Trial
  • Online Community Membership
  • App Downloads

This is a non-exhaustive list and deciding exactly what to use will be a matter of what service or product your business is trying to sell and what your ideal client is looking for, i.e. how to draw them in.

Without a landing page, you can’t gather specific information about the people visiting the site, making it difficult to understand and therefore market to them with the hope building relationships with prospective clients. Too many businesses send their website traffic to their homepage, – a missed opportunity. Using a targeted landing page increases the chances of converting that traffic into leads.

The layout and content of a landing page is just as important as the draw card. Though every landing page will be unique to your brand and the offer, there are certain elements that cannot be overlooked to ensure the page does what it is intended to do.

  • Headline + Supporting Content
  • Engaging Visuals
  • Social Proof
  • Call to Action

At Viabrand, our expert strategists and designers are skilled at creating landing pages that aim to convert to leads.

If you need assistance creating a landing page contact our studio today: 07 3180 1416 or [email protected]