Discover the latest addition to the Madison Technologies family - mIoT. Explore cabling, networking, wireless, and audio-visual engineering solutions.

Unintentionally, niche telecommunications brands have become somewhat of a specialty for the Viabrand team.

Meet the latest addition to Viabrands’ growing clientele of specialty technology brands: mIoT.

mIoT are the newest member of the Madison Technologies family, a family of cabling, networking, wireless and audio-visual engineering and distribution.

Established in 2017, mIoT  is centred around IoT, Internet of Things. Though it sounds complicated, this simply refers to the interconnection via the internet of computing devices in physical, everyday objects. Essentially, enabling our devices or ‘things’ to send and receive data. Due to it’s capacity to influence how we live and work, the ever-evolving technology has become a growing topic of conversation both in and out of the workplace.

So, how do mIoT harness the power of IoT?

mIoT manufacture the Captis range of cellular data loggers. These devices transmit measurements and readings from sensors and meters to an IoT cloud platform which gathers and analyses the data, reporting or applying business rules for whatever is required. This allows users to access accurate data anytime, anywhere. Innovative technology like this is used across a variety of mega industries like water, rail, infrastructure, agriculture and smart cities, amongst many more. mIoT’s Captis range has opened a world of convenience across these industries, filling and satisfying a niche measurement demand.

March 2019 marked a huge milestone for the company – rebranding to Telstra Captis to the Australian market. This meant it was time for the brand to take their marketing materials up a notch. Consequently, mIoT have engaged Viabrand to provide adaptable support and comprehensive services to support the brand and their growth.

First on the list was an informative Power point presentation to be used at presentations, conferences and meetings across the globe. Given the brand is still in its infancy, the Power point acts as a prospecting tool to sell the brand story, product capabilities and the brand difference. This process included a rigorous planning session from which Viabrand mapped the design, developed a typeface & styling, iconography and infographics to bring the ‘techy’ content to life and give it a much needed refresh.

Following this, we created a branded stand design for the OzWater exhibition – Australia’s largest international water conference and exhibition. Accompanied by a representative from Telstra, mIoT were presenting a stand with their Captis product in use. We used the styling, mood and various elements from the PowerPoint to create an striking stand that proved to be a great success at the event.

mIoT is on the edge of accessible, portable and comprehensive IoT and data collection technology and we look forward to continuing to work with them to build a credible brand as they continue to grow.

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