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What do you get when you combine two financial groups with almost $15 billion in Funds Under Administration (FUA)? Xplore Wealth.

In late 2017, reputable firms Managed Accounts and Linear Platform Business made the decision to merge. This merger has allowed the group to become a powerhouse within the financial and technological services sector, delivering a broad range of investment solutions over Australia’s two largest cities.

Xplore Wealth are considered one of Australia’s leading independent platform providers and investment administrators. The team deliver platform, administration and technology solutions to some of Australia’s leading stockbrokers, wealth managers and financial advisory firms.

Given both companies had been operating for over 10 years there was some noticeable tiredness around the brand as well as confusion with having two brands under one ownership. When their team approached Viabrand they had clear instructions: to flip the current market perception on its head and be viewed as trusted, innovative and nimble.

The process of creating a new brand identity begins with thorough research. As the client is located in Sydney, Viabrand conducted a thorough brand discovery session with the company board via Skype. We quickly established that following the merger, the new brand was lacking a strategic name, brand identity and visual messaging strategy.

Based off this, Viabrand set out creating a unique, targeted brand name and developed a brand personality, brand identity and brand language to complement the refreshed image. From here, we were able to develop a clear, customer facing brand that would consequently improve brand perception to secure more business. The brand identity also needed to be flexible enough to support sub-brand product and service naming.

The outcome was Xplore Wealth and it’s nine product brands backed by a clear and concise communication approach. This strong brand was chosen to reflect the companies core values, reflect their universal growth purpose and underline its offering as a leading independent investment platform solution for wealth management professionals.

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