A brand refresh for the largest independent provider of optic fibre infrastructure in Australia

OptiComm has enjoyed excellent growth during its years of operation. Now in preparation for future growth the company saw the need to present a more refined, clarified brand presence in the market.

The objective was to put effective, strategically targeted series of visual and written communications in place to build clarity around the brand and elevate communications standards. OptiComm wanted to highlight their professionalism, quality and customer service. They also wanted to educate developers about the superior fibre-to-the-premises technology and all the benefits it can offer.

Brand research was conducted through interviews and research to discover what could implemented into the new design and messaging.

The process began with comprehensive brand discovery and research. This included interviewing key staff and customers as well as statistical research. Once data and insights into the business, competitive landscape and consumers was complete, we developed strategic plans for the brand. The strategies focused on the end user and aligned the brand with values of reliability, service and an optimism for the future.

Key design elements were established through a style guide and then rolled throughout print and digital material.

Brand promises were developed for OptiComm and three branches of the business, or sub-brands. Campaign messaging was also developed based on strategic insights. A new, fresh icon mark and logo was built to highlight the concepts of connectivity and technology. Once a style guide for the refreshed brand was established, these elements were rolled out to marketing collateral and advertising materials.