Creating an Ikonic brand identity

Bringing a new brand to life

An already established sunglass distributer, Gary Floyd brands desired to expand their offering to a more fashionable line.

And so, Ikon was born.

The company had a vision of the brand they were creating: a fashionable, versatile and accessible brand that also carried the core GC eyewear values and targeted younger women.

Viabrand’s task was to bring it to life by creating an identity that reflected this. The brief was to create branding that would be both attractive to consumers and the retailers distributing the product.

The brand identity clearly identifies positions the brand to appeal to their target market.

This is complimented by the colours, iconography and typeface that is inspired by chic, fashionable style and the product itself.  The logo demonstrates connectivity through clean, crisp, lines and conveys cosmopolitan ambiance; it also alludes to the target markets own social and digital connectivity.