Burke Raftery Website

Burke Advisory become Burke Raftery

Viabrand have previously worked with Burke when they were known as Burke Advisory. A recent merger meant that changes had to occur to their branding and also their website that we created in 2018.

When we originally created the new logo, we also created a clearly defined strategy, range of marketing assets, brand promises and branding guidelines to support. Having this comprehensive knowledge and strategies in place made coming back for more changes simple. We were able to jump in and make the changes required and had the trust of the client.

Viabrand’s job this time round was to not only change various forms of marketing collateral but add important additions to their website. The site already acted as a digital platform and delivered a clear message to their consumers. We added plug-ins such as mailgun, pay my bill links and google maps that each enhance users experience and also help Burke to remain competitive in their industry.

We created a suite of service flyers to assist the sales and on boarding process of the Burke Raftery team. These flyers delivered a snap shot of the business offering to new perspects.

Without interrupting their operations, Viabrand were able to help Burke Advisory seamlessly transition into their new brand. On top of this, the new website concepts help Burke to have a Concise digital presence.

Happy Client

“I would like to pass on our thanks to Viabrand. We are very happy with the outcome and the process. We showed our staff your work and they loved it. Spot on!”

Michael Burke Raftery