Vilapass aims to establish credibility in a niche market through its digital presence.

Vilapass Takes Flight

Vilapass are a Citizenship by Investment (CBI) company servicing the needs of wealthy individuals who want to obtain reliable CBI in Vanuatu.

When the founder engaged with Viabrand, he came to us with a dependable business structure and knew the branding had to be of the same calibre. Being a well-respected and successful business owner in Vanuatu, he also had a clear vision for the perception the brand needed to convey and the specific client he needed to reach.

The aim was to strategically prepare the launch of a new brand that would compete on a global scale. Vilapass also wanted to create a digital presence that would legitimise and build credibility on the service catered to an extremely niche market. This meant that the whole process, from conceptualisation to delivery, had to be done a very precise way.

Producing a solution for the brand incorporated an initial discovery session, industry research and a tactical plan. The next stage combined identity development with website design, all of which aligned with the strategy and encompassed the core brand values. This resulted in Vilapass making a statement when they entered the market.

The website platform was designed and built to educate potential customers about the process of CBI in Vanuatu. In phase 1, we introduced the ability to process applications online which set a new standard for the brand and amplified their customer reach, as traditionally this process had to be done face-to-face.

The comprehensive branding that was created for Vilapass involved: defining brand strategy, brand naming, brand assets development, brand promise, brand identity, brand iconography, brand pattern, campaign messaging, stationary, prospectus and email signatures.

The outcome of working with Viabrand has allowed Vilapass to commence successful operations in a highly saturated and competitive industry.

“Looks terrific and I’m very happy with that. You really have some incredible talent within your small team. I’m so pleased I found you and didn’t look elsewhere.” – Owner & Founder, Vilapass

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