A collage of images featuring a stylish man and woman wearing glasses, representing GC Eyewear's fashionable eyewear collection.

GC Eyewear is a long-established Australian fashion label, supplying on-trend designer eyewear and hats into major pharmacy retailers across the country. The brand’s point of difference is in offering a contemporary, high-quality product range that is also affordable: a concept that challenges current conventions in the eyewear industry.

With other industry brands also educating consumers that quality needn’t be expensive, GC Eyewear saw an opportunity to rebrand to more effectively communicate its own values of precision, value for money and style while also delivering a more memorable in-store experience for customers.

We wanted to tell GC Eyewear’s story with impact, so we developed a new identity for the brand to better reflect both what it offered, and what it stood for.

At the forefront of the rebranding process was a name change, repositioning GC Eyewear as Gregory Craig Eyewear Essentials. Incorporating the brand promise communicated Gregory Craig’s commitment to product you simply couldn’t live without: whether a spectrum of readers, fashion frames and/or polarised sunglasses. On a subtle level, we also wanted to reflect the brand’s affordable price point, suggesting multiple purchasing opportunities to the consumer.

When it came to brand typography, this was selected for its chic, elegant feel and the label’s colour palette simplified to reflect quality (gold), sophistication (dark grey) and freshness (cool blue). We also provided the client with supplementary messaging recommendations that could be used across tailored marketing campaigns and collateral.

Critical to the rebrand was the Gregory Craig icon: a visual identifier that would speak directly to the heart of, and reflect the purpose of the brand. And when it came to eyewear, the solution was obvious—light.

Expressing both the movement and refraction of light, we used lines to create abstract light and shade, carefully balanced to achieve a clean, modern look integral to the brand’s market positioning. The play on light and shade was also inspired by precision, a key point of differentiation for the brand.

Completing the icon, the abstract lines were integrated with the circular theme of magnification and reflection, embodying the key elements of the product range.

On a secondary level, the circular shape and internal movement between light and shade created the promise of evolution, embracing the forward-thinking nature of the Gregory Craig brand and underlining the artistic spirit of the fashion label.

In addition to the main label identity, we created sub-brand icons and colours to differentiate core product categories and produce visual clarification between sunglasses, readers and hats. The bespoke icons also continue the clean, designer look while assisting with ease of purchase at touch points.

And the result?

“We’re very impressed with the solution. The strategy and visual look supports our new product offering and the direction we are now taking as a company. This exercise with Viabrand has taken our brand to a new level!”

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