Rebranded and ready to make their mark with precision

Previously known as Sign Technologies this established company sells and provides support for laser cutting, engraving, marking machines and digital printers.

The aim of their complete brand revolution was to have their new branding align with their goals of create, innovate and manufacture.

Established 25 years ago the rebranding needed to be fresh and innovative while still highlighting their professionalism and expertise.

One of the challenges was to ensure the new brand aligned with their diverse customer base. To achieve this the brand’s message of ‘Empowerment’ was created ensuring all new branding radiated this key component. The new brand now reflects their exceptional customer service which extends beyond the sale with Uscribe Gurus providing training and support for the life of the machine.

Thanks to the complete rebrand including new name, logo design, brand promise.

By providing increased emphasis on their customer support services such as the utilisation of their Gurus, Uscribe is now energised and modernised ready for further success in the 21st Century.

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