Peak Urban

Launching a new concept in property development

Helping a brand 'achieve more'

Peak Urban is a boutique engineering, project management and planning consultancy for property development projects.

The world-class team of advisors, planners and engineers is intentionally small, ensuring the business can remain agile and innovative without compromising the quality of its services and capability to undertake complex projects.

This new approach is in stark contrast to the business models of Peak Urban’s larger counterparts and was inspired by the founder’s unwavering commitment to excellence.

He came to us with his vision and blueprint for the business, and we took the branding from there.

The Peak Urban visual identity and ‘achieve more’ brand promise work together to reflect the service and proven technical capabilities of the consultancy.

The logo distinguishes Peak Urban by symbolising the peak of achievement and technical offering, while the brand promise acknowledges the team’s passion for going above and beyond at every stage of a project.

As Peak Urban prepares to take its new concept to market, the brand strategy provides the business with a foundation to establish its reputation for excellence, professionalism and agility.