New name, new brand: Relaunching a family-owned business

A relaunch with a smile

Everdent is a family-owned business with a strong heritage in the dental industry.  

The latest generation of family leaders are dynamic professionals with over a decade of experience helping clients find their smiles.

Everdent delivers unforgettable dental services and brings positive changes to their clients’ lives. Their services focus on dental prosthetics, including dentures, splints and mouthguards. Everdent has a strong background in providing customers with excellent end-to-end service. Even with thousands of satisfied customers to their name, the Everdent team are striving to establish an even more rewarding experience for customers moving forward.

With a goal of changing their brand name, and a desire to help their customers live long, happy, healthy lives without regrets, Everdent joined forces with Viabrand® to complete a comprehensive brand strategy culminating in a total brand re-launch.

Creating a comprehensive strategy

To effectively tackle such a big change in the brand, Viabrand® delved deep into research and created a comprehensive strategy plan.

Viabrand® ran a brand workshop with Everdent – formerly known as Forever Smile Denture Clinic – to understand what they aimed to achieve from rebranding, and to gain inspiration for the new name.

Everdent sought a new brand name that positioned them as leaders in the dental industry. A name that suited their modern team, technological capabilities and passion for building strong relationships with dentists and clients alike. Viabrand® used their strategic brand naming framework to produce the most viable possibilities until they narrowed in on the perfect one: Everdent.

The brand name was inspired by evoking the notion of forever in reference to dental care. Viabrand® also drew on wordplay of ‘evident’, meaning to be noticeable and apparent. To ensure there were no misconceptions about the brand name, Viabrand® deployed a technical descriptor: Dental Aesthetics Clinic.

New logo, new brand, new direction

To accompany the new brand name and technical descriptor, an entirely new logo was designed to match the new brand direction.

The logo involved the combination of a smiley-face and the letter ‘e’ for Everdent. This design connected the brand to the imagery of a satisfied smile – demonstrative of Everdent’s commitment to giving their clients a smile they can be confident about.

The colour scheme chosen was a soothing mix of blues and greens. Facing your dental troubles and getting prosthetic work done can be a daunting experience, but Everdent selected a scheme designed to soothe potential customers’ anxiety. The goal was to encourage a comfortable atmosphere that welcomed all, leaving the trust of customers in Everdent’s capable hands.

Spreading the word of the new brand identity

Everdent became the proud owners of a host of new brand assets and brand marketing. This was essential to centre the new brand in their identity and to spread word of Everdent’s re-launch.

Everdent has embraced their new brand across every facet of their business, not hesitating to enthusiastically re-introduce themselves to new and existing clients.

The company has pursued their brand promise of providing both eloquent and dependable information to clients, while retaining their approachability and assurance of the highest care. Viabrand® has helped Everdent express this brand promise consistently across a range of messaging, from shopfront windows and LED overhead signage to informative brochures, specifically for dental partners.

New name with renewed ideas

With all the brand and marketing materials in place, Everdent brought their rebrand to the digital stage. Viabrand® carried the momentum forward with brand website development and an ongoing social media campaign to spread word of their new name and renewed ideas.

Everdent’s new brand website alleviated customer concerns by highlighting their USPs and demonstrating their expertise in their field. This website, being a central engagement platform and source of authority, now underpins their marketing support plan alongside the brand strategy.

Social media marketing invited in new prospects and encouraged the return of regular clients, reassuring their audience of the Everdent team’s experience, quality workmanship and exceptional customer service before they even stepped into the clinic.

After completing their rebrand, Everdent felt motivated and optimistic about the future of their business. With a new company name, an enhanced brand look and a marketing plan in place, they’ve hit the ground running.  

Everdent now has a modernised aesthetic paired with a passionate dedication to the comfort and care of their clients.

Now equipped with a marketing plan to influence clients into understanding their end-to-end treatment and personalised care, Everdent are set to move into a new stage of growth and development. With such a successful rebrand, Everdent has left with an enhanced brand look and on track to improve their clients’ smiles.