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Founded in 2014, Adept economics commenced operations with the vision of applying rigorous economic analysis and best practice data science to practical business and government policy problems.

The business is built on the belief that the discipline of economics can help cut through complex issues, illuminate trade-offs and guide better decision making. The expert team specialise in data analysis for clients in manufacturing, tourism, property and government policy.

Area’s of specialisation include:

  • Social ROI and Cost-benefit analysis
  • Economic impact analysis
  • Regulatory and policy analysis and advice,
  • Economic contribution and valuation analysis
  • Data analysis and economic modelling

After operating successfully for the last few years, the director saw more opportunity to share his business with people in a more powerful way as a means to grow his business. His team work on large scale projects with high-profile clients and need their brand look to match what they do. After deciding his website and brand identity appeared outdated and was not doing him and his brand any favours, he approached Viabrand to assist in a brand refresh.

Our team started the project with a discovery session to learn the ins and outs of the brand and how we could make it the best it could be.

Delving into the ideal client allows us to learn about them and produce our work accordingly.  We learnt that Adept generally provide services to people in the professional services industry who know and trust the brand and the economists driving it. Our task was to create a new identity for the brand that matched the preceding reputation. The new identity was to include a website as well as physical and digital stationary.

The aim of the new website design was to inform potential customers about the company and encourage them to make an enquiry. The project included a complete re-design, content re-write, numerous plug-in integrations and the addition of lead captures and clear call to actions. Overall, the changes have had a massive impact, making the website more user-friendly and more visible online.

The stationary we designed was backed by the same concept and strategy as the website. Having these resources ready to go means that Adept can now focus on the work that’s important to them and don’t have to use their valuable time working on the presentation of their work.

With their refreshed identity, the small team at Adept are now able to give the impression of being a large-scale firm. The value of this well thought out brand instils confidence in both the consumers and the people representing it and that is the best outcome we could ask for.

Viabrand has been helping my business Adept Economics with its branding and is developing a new website for me aimed at showing the world what the business has to offer. I have been really impressed with their work so far and I’ve learned a lot about how to encourage interest in my services.” – Gene Tunny, Founder and Director

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