Viabrand team wrapping up successful year of projects for clients as 2020 approaches.

…with Five Tips for Starting Your 2020 Business Branding on the Right Foot

As 2020 swiftly approaches, the team at Viabrand is wrapping up what has been a year full of great projects for wonderful clients. The year has flown by as we’ve been busily working on strategy, branding and marketing support projects for a wide range of businesses, all across Australia.

As our workload has grown, so too has the team, with our Growth Director Caroline Bell joining us in June. Caroline brings years of business strategy experience to her role and as such she’s helped us to strengthen our service to our valued clients, while growing new business.

In order to accommodate our growing team, Jho’s been busily looking for a new and larger home for Viabrand. He’s had quite a workout running around Brisbane inspecting office spaces. Keep your eye on our digital channels early on in 2020 for more news on our new location.

On a personal note, designer Quinn had not one but two weddings this year. Both to her long-time sweetheart Lucas – just in different locations to accommodate family and friends who live quite a distance from each other. Andrew has made the move to New Zealand and spends his weekend touring the lovely country. He’s all set up in Auckland, but it’s as if he is still next door – ahh the flexibility of working remotely!

Our talented Viabrand members have been keeping busy outside of work too. Jessie has been going from strength to strength with her netball pursuits. Amber was selected to complete a research program for Griffith University. She’s been investigating the most effective tools and techniques to accurately encourage children to become engaged and take ownership, and the benefits of each method. While Kiesten is in demand nationally as a drama adjudicator and arts reviewer for national magazine Stage Whispers. Chris has saved up for his goal and is in the midst of purchasing a fancy new laptop with all the bells and whistles. Rumour has it the laptop also makes coffee.

The entire Viabrand team would like to wish our clients a wonderful holiday season. Our offices will be on skeleton crew from 20th December 2019 to 6th January 2020.

In the meantime, here are some gift giving ideas, and an interesting perspective for your company, as you prepare for the new year and beyond.

If you think about it, in many ways, your company is part of your family. You brought it into this world, have ambitions for it, and you’ve carefully nurtured it to grow.

Over time you’ve provided it with shelter (premises), clothes (branding, logo, marketing, signage etc.), a strong body (your team, business operations), a sharp mind (your strategies), a diet of good food (your products/services), and importantly, you’ve taught it to be a good citizen, a reliable resource, and supported it to go out there and make new friends (your clients)

So, seeing as it’s a time for giving, here are a few Christmas gift ideas for your hard-working company:

  1. a week away at a health retreat to help clear its mind and strengthen its body (aka; a brand strategy review)
  2. some lovely new clothes that make it look really smart and give it greater confidence when making new friends (aka, a brand refresh)
  3. lessons to learning a new language to better meet new people (aka; a communication strategy).

Show your company a little love and it’ll reward you in return.

Oh, we empathise if your company is in its teenager phase and challenging you on a daily basis. Its body developed quickly, and there’s all sorts of hormones driving it in different directions. It’s a bit of a rascally rabbit that you still love; it just needs some special attention.

Enjoy your time off


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