Website update geared for sweet sales

User-centric website design

Priestley’s Gourmet Delights are an extremely reputable brand, known for baking the best possible cakes and desserts for the food service market.

Priestley’s sell their products to franchises and small businesses alike, so it’s more than likely you’ve tried one in your life. Our brief was to develop a fresh, user-centric website that brought the brand up to date from their previous website framework.

The Process

Planning for a successful website is a mammoth task, including everything from research, mapping documents, design, copywriting before even reaching the development stage. Times this by the list of over 100 products Priestly sell, and it makes for a long process. Viabrand’s strategic approach made this seamless and we ensured that the client was satisfied as we reached every milestone along the way.


As we got closer to the website launch, we worked with Priestley’s on numerous additions and updates that were not in the original scope. The end result is a huge asset to the company and should see them continue to grow.